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  Accounting office “DILEMA BG” – Sofia offers the following services:

  • Registration and re-registration of commercial companies, associations, and foundations.
  • Consultations on the selection of the most appropriate type of company upon registration and re-registration process in accordance with the future activity of the company.
  • Preparing and submitting the necessary documents at the Financial Intelligence Agency, the Personal Data Protection Commission and the Labor Inspectorate.
  • Organizing the form of the accounting for each company according to its activities.
  • Establishment of a methodology for accounting service.
  • Creating an individual chart of accounts.
  • Chronological accounting of the business operations.
  • Carrying and reporting on the analytical level of stock-inventories.
  • Calculating the cost of the production.
  • Accounting for fixed tangible and intangible assets and accrual of depreciation.
  • Inventory of the assets and the liabilities.
  • Preparing of the pay-roll.
  • Filling in payment orders for insurances and taxes.
  • Filling claims.
  • Preparing of employment and civil contracts.
  • Executing of occupational licenses, insurance books, dismissal orders, issuing of Retirement certificate-2, Retirement certificate-3, memorandums, certificates, preparing documents for employment exchange.
  • Preparation of stock reports, movement of inventories, customer receivables, payables to suppliers, chronological register, turnover books and other.
  • Submitting information for the employees to the National Revenues Agency.
  • Preparing and submitting tax reports for Value Added Tax (VAT).
  • Preparation and submission to the Bulgarian National Bank of a quarterly report on foreign currency receivables and liabilities to foreign persons under the Foreign Exchange Law.
  • Preparing of annual tax forms about the corporate tax and the income tax of individuals.
  • Preparing of annual financial report.
  • Preparing and submitting of the obligatory annual statistical forms to the National Statistic Institute.
  • Consulting on all issues related to accounting, taxes, social and health insurance, tax protection, concerning the company's activity.
  • Consultations on amendments to the legal and regulatory framework.
  • Representation and protection of the company to the tax inspectors of the National Revenues Agency.
  • Keeping accounting by a company employee at the customer's office.
  • Support for a start-up projects in Bulgaria.
  • Relocating foreign business to Bulgaria.
  • Selection and training of accountants for work in the accounting department of a client, control of the work of the accounting department.
  • Assistance in finding an office, employees, stores, industrial units and etc