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Daniela Borissova







 “DILEMA BG” Ltd. is an accounting office in Sofia, Bulgaria. We offer accounting services and registrations of new companies in Bulgaria. Our team consists of 9 highly experienced certified accountants under the management of Mrs. Daniela Borisova.

 We offer accounting services since 1993. We have more than 80 customers from all fields including: construction, manufacturing, domestic and foreign trade, transportation, freight forwarding, hotel and restaurant business, publishing and producing, investments, non-profit organizations like associations and foundations, and many more. We also offer partnership to foreign accounting companies for business in Bulgaria.

 We have many foreign-owned companies amongst our customers – Italian, Hungarian, Turkish, Greece, Russian and Lebanese. We offer everything a foreigner needs to start a business in Bulgaria or relocate an existing business to Bulgaria including: company registration, law services, accounting services, assistance in finding an office, employees, stores, industrial units and many more. An English speaking representative of the company accompanies clients to institutions when needed.

 Our long-standing collaboration with our customers is a proof of correctness in our relations and accurate work done. Our customers receive professional services in compliance with the legal norms, the specifics of their business and their specific requirements.

 We are always available when our customers need us. We inform managers about the novelties and changes in the legal framework. Timely discussions with customers enable tax planning. In this way, each company can pay less tax by applying funds permitted by law.

 We work for the prosperity of our customers because this is the way for our success. Our goal is to achieve for our business partners and for us prosperity, market and financial stability through long-lasting and correct cooperation.